Testimony Six: Jesus and the Random Phone Call

October 31, 2013 at 12:55 PMTony

So I was sat in the house one night and I thought the Lord was prompting me to just ring a random number on the phone. So after a fair bit of hesitation I did. And I got through to the phone number of someone called Gram Seed. I didn't get him personally but I got his answering machine with a little poem on it saying he was out telling people about Jesus.

This was a man I'd first met when he was living on a bench drinking cider or whatever. He was wonderfully saved through the ministry of some young Christians I knew.

You can find out something about him on the Sowing Seeds Ministries website. He has an amazing testimony.

But what was also amazing was that I would reach his phone number by a random phone call. The odds of even reaching anyone you know at all are very very small.  I met him again the other day which brought this back to mind. And he is still telling people about Jesus.

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Testimony Five: Jesus and the Stigmata

October 31, 2013 at 2:59 AMTony

I was a baby Christian. All was new - awesome, scary and challenging. All things Christian became interesting as they had never been before. I became fascinated by the Saints and other great men of God.

There was a Catholic priest named Padre Pio who had stigmata (the signs of the crucifixion) on his hands and feet. This was said to be a sign of his holiness. And somehow I knew that I was holy, as holy as any Saint. So I said "Lord, I'll have those". And within a week I had the marks on my wrists.

However, no-one ever noticed them. I think the Lord knew I wanted them for the wrong reason. Maybe He had a good laugh at me. Anyway after about six months I said "You might as well take them away Lord" and within a week there were gone.

Thinking about it now maybe He wanted to reassure me that I was holy in the midst of doubts and anxieties. And of course I am, but entirely because of Jesus and the Cross.

P,S. Padre Pio was also said to have the gift of bi-location so if any of you see me in two different places at once let me know.


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Awesome, awesome, testimony

August 28, 2013 at 3:29 AMTony

An awesome, awesome, testimony which is from the Bethel podcast of August 18th. You can maybe still get it there or listen to it below.

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Testimony Four: Jesus and the Cadbury's flake

August 14, 2013 at 11:34 PMTony

This is a more recent testimony. My ex-wife (with whom I thought I'd made a lot of progress towards reconciliation) had just told me she'd found someone else. I was with her and my children (grown-up) out for a walk. I was feeling low, totally crushed really. Actually I wanted God to throw a few thunderbolts around. Not just at her but at others who'd encouraged and supported her in this.

We stopped at an ice-cream shop and everyone was getting cones or tubs with flakes in. I only had small change in my pocket so I just went for a tub (no flake). I had a spoonful of ice-cream, looked up to chat with my daughter, looked down again and there was a flake in my tub.

I think now that the Lord was telling me He loved me. Maybe I wasn't going to get my thunderbolts but His love was still there for me.

Also, I had been praying recently before then that I'd like to see some creative miracles. It was not quite what I expected but it was an answer to that too.

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Testimony Three: Jesus and the sunshine

August 14, 2013 at 11:23 PMTony

I think this was the first winter after I'd been saved. I'd been reading my bible a lot and I came across a phrase: The sun shines on the righteous. I think I sort of realised I was righteous even though the condemnation I was receiving was trying to tell me otherwise.

Anyway, this seemed to me the sunniest winter ever. Everywhere I went the sun seemed to be shining. I got really used to it. Then one morning I woke up and it was torrential rain. So I said to the Lord: What happened to 'The sun shines on the righteous'? And I thought He said: Go to Guisborough.

So I went and got on a bus to Guisborough which is about 10 miles away. I got on in torrential rain and I got out in glorious sunshine. So I think this was Jesus telling me that I was righteous. Of course that's not because of anything I've done or not done but because of Him and the victory of the cross.

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Testimony Two: Jesus and the one way bus trip

August 5, 2013 at 3:23 AMTony

This too is from my early days as a Christian. I thought the Lord was telling me to go to Skelton a village about 15 miles from where I live. I replied that I only had change in my pocket and no other funds. He seemed to be insisting so I thought I could at least go to the bus station and find out what the bus fare was. I asked the driver and the single fare was exactly the amount of change I had. So I got on the bus slightly apprehensive as to why I was going and how I was going to get back.

When I got to Skelton as soon as my feet touched the ground (and not before) I thought of someone who lived there. When I went to see her it was obvious she needed someone to chat to about a few different things. So I guess the Lord sent me to listen and pray and of course she lent me the money to catch the bus back.

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Testimony One: Jesus and the broken boom box

August 4, 2013 at 9:14 PMTony

This was when I first became a Christian about 25 years ago. An older Christian who I really respected asked me if I could fix his tape player/radio. This was one of those boom boxes about three foot long popularly seen carried about perched on young men's shoulders at the time.

I had no qualifications whatever to be able to do this but for some reason I took this as a challenge from the Lord. For three days I felt a burden to get this thing sorted out.

On the first day I opened it up (lots of components) and prayed that the Lord would show me what was wrong. He told me it was a particular small component and I decided to test it even though I wasn't a 100% sure I'd heard his voice.

On the second day I prayed for the Lord to find me someone who had a soldering iron and a multimeter. He put someone across my path.

On the third day I met up with this person. We unsoldered one end of the component (a resistor), tested it and it was blown. A nearby shop sold me another one for 20p. We soldered the new one in and everything worked.

On the fourth day I returned the working boom box to my Christian friend. He didn't seem particularly impressed. But I'd had an interesting and challenging time with the Lord in which (looking back) I think he'd taught me some essentials about intercession even though it was only for a boom box.

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