Pioneer or Settler Religion

October 5, 2012 at 10:09 PMTony

In pioneer religion the church is a covered wagon. It is tattered and battered - arrows sticking out all over it. God is the wagon master. He gets down in the dirt with us and helps get the wagon moving when it gets stuck. Jesus is the scout. He ranges ahead and we follow Him. The Holy Spirit is the buffalo hunter. He provides food but He's a wild character. You never know what He's going to do. The pioneers are a bit tattered and battered too. But they don't care. They trust the scout and are up for the adventure.

In settler religion the church is the town hall. It is well appointed. God is the mayor. He is in his office upstairs. You hardly ever see Him but He is in charge. Jesus is the sheriff. He sorts out the bad guys and keeps order for the mayor. The Holy Spirit is the bar girl who provides comfort for the settlers but also tells the mayor what is going on.

Unfortunately for the settlers the real Holy Spirit keeps riding into town and shooting up the place.

I pray that He will keep on doing it (and He will). Preferably before the settlers get too settled.

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