Testimony One: Jesus and the broken boom box

August 4, 2013 at 9:14 PMTony

This was when I first became a Christian about 25 years ago. An older Christian who I really respected asked me if I could fix his tape player/radio. This was one of those boom boxes about three foot long popularly seen carried about perched on young men's shoulders at the time.

I had no qualifications whatever to be able to do this but for some reason I took this as a challenge from the Lord. For three days I felt a burden to get this thing sorted out.

On the first day I opened it up (lots of components) and prayed that the Lord would show me what was wrong. He told me it was a particular small component and I decided to test it even though I wasn't a 100% sure I'd heard his voice.

On the second day I prayed for the Lord to find me someone who had a soldering iron and a multimeter. He put someone across my path.

On the third day I met up with this person. We unsoldered one end of the component (a resistor), tested it and it was blown. A nearby shop sold me another one for 20p. We soldered the new one in and everything worked.

On the fourth day I returned the working boom box to my Christian friend. He didn't seem particularly impressed. But I'd had an interesting and challenging time with the Lord in which (looking back) I think he'd taught me some essentials about intercession even though it was only for a boom box.

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