Testimony Four: Jesus and the Cadbury's flake

August 14, 2013 at 11:34 PMTony

This is a more recent testimony. My ex-wife (with whom I thought I'd made a lot of progress towards reconciliation) had just told me she'd found someone else. I was with her and my children (grown-up) out for a walk. I was feeling low, totally crushed really. Actually I wanted God to throw a few thunderbolts around. Not just at her but at others who'd encouraged and supported her in this.

We stopped at an ice-cream shop and everyone was getting cones or tubs with flakes in. I only had small change in my pocket so I just went for a tub (no flake). I had a spoonful of ice-cream, looked up to chat with my daughter, looked down again and there was a flake in my tub.

I think now that the Lord was telling me He loved me. Maybe I wasn't going to get my thunderbolts but His love was still there for me.

Also, I had been praying recently before then that I'd like to see some creative miracles. It was not quite what I expected but it was an answer to that too.

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