Testimony Five: Jesus and the Stigmata

October 31, 2013 at 2:59 AMTony

I was a baby Christian. All was new - awesome, scary and challenging. All things Christian became interesting as they had never been before. I became fascinated by the Saints and other great men of God.

There was a Catholic priest named Padre Pio who had stigmata (the signs of the crucifixion) on his hands and feet. This was said to be a sign of his holiness. And somehow I knew that I was holy, as holy as any Saint. So I said "Lord, I'll have those". And within a week I had the marks on my wrists.

However, no-one ever noticed them. I think the Lord knew I wanted them for the wrong reason. Maybe He had a good laugh at me. Anyway after about six months I said "You might as well take them away Lord" and within a week there were gone.

Thinking about it now maybe He wanted to reassure me that I was holy in the midst of doubts and anxieties. And of course I am, but entirely because of Jesus and the Cross.

P,S. Padre Pio was also said to have the gift of bi-location so if any of you see me in two different places at once let me know.


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