Testimony Six: Jesus and the Random Phone Call

October 31, 2013 at 12:55 PMTony

So I was sat in the house one night and I thought the Lord was prompting me to just ring a random number on the phone. So after a fair bit of hesitation I did. And I got through to the phone number of someone called Gram Seed. I didn't get him personally but I got his answering machine with a little poem on it saying he was out telling people about Jesus.

This was a man I'd first met when he was living on a bench drinking cider or whatever. He was wonderfully saved through the ministry of some young Christians I knew.

You can find out something about him on the Sowing Seeds Ministries website. He has an amazing testimony.

But what was also amazing was that I would reach his phone number by a random phone call. The odds of even reaching anyone you know at all are very very small.  I met him again the other day which brought this back to mind. And he is still telling people about Jesus.

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