Grace Message or Mixed Grace Message

March 1, 2015 at 11:08 PMadmin

For the last few months I've been getting into the message about grace as given by Paul Ellis in Escape to Reality and by Joseph Prince. I am convinced. Not only that but I have remembered a lesson/deliverance that the Lord gave me personally.

There was a joke that some people used to tell about a man who wanted to win the lottery. So he went to church and prayed to God "Lord, please let me win the lottery". But the next week came and he hadn't won so he prayed again "Lord, please let me win the lottery", And the third week came and he still hadn't won so again he prayed "Lord, I know you can hear me, please let me win the lottery". Then a voice came from heaven: "Help me out. Buy a ticket".

I know it is a joke but it was Christians who used to tell it to me. The message seems logical - you do your little bit and God will do His big bit. It is a mixed grace message.

And the Lord showed me it was wrong long before I had begun to read and hear about mixed grace. I was on my way to a prayer meeting taking some friends. They were talking about the lottery and I said (thinking about that joke) "I can't win because I don't buy a ticket". But when I arrived at the prayer meeting someone gave me a lottery ticket and said *That will help you with your petrol money". It was a winning ticket. Only for £10 but that was enough to get the lesson home. I could win without buying a ticket.

And that's grace. Jesus Christ has done it all. If you want to know more follow the links above.

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